Urban renewal

Urban renewal is changing the planning or construction in urban localities. The process is carried out through TAMA 38, a national plan for strengthening buildings against earthquakes as well as Pinuy Binuy a program for larger scale projects in which old buildings are torn down and new ones are built in their place. The plan allows for the strengthening, demolition or reconstruction of buildings that received a building permit before 1980, in order to prevent their collapse in the event of a powerful earthquake or missile attack..

Over time, the plan brought with it additional values, such as increasing the supply of apartments for sale in areas where traditional new construction was not possible.Pinuy Binuy is currently one of the main drivers of urban renewal project in Israel.
SANI has gained special experience in dealing with tenants to create a WIN WIN project for the benefit of all parties involved.

The steps on the way to your new home

Project review

First and foremost, the relevant professionals check the condition of the building. A TAMA or pinui binui (evacuation and reconstruction) cannot be done everywhere, so for a start you should check whether it is possible at all and what is required. In addition, there is the financial consideration of whether the project is worth the investment for the developer and residents. In other words, checking the advantages in upgrading the building or demolishing and rebuilding it. One can only move on to the next stage of the project if these two tests end with a positive answer.

Signing an agreement

The building’s occupants receive a detailed offer that includes an architectural plan of the apartments, specifications of the finish, collateral, and schedules. If there is agreement among all the tenants, all that is left is to sign an agreement and start the process. The costs and guarantees apply to the developer from the beginning of the process until the end.

Preparation of the master plan and its approval

Immediately after signing the agreement, the company will prepare a master plan for the pinui binui (evacuation and reconstruction) complex, in order to receive approval of the plan in principle from the municipality. It can take up to a year and a half to receive a master plan permit. After receiving the permit, a detailed application for a building permit will be submitted.

Demolition and construction

Upon receiving building permits and following the careful evacuation of all apartments, the process of building demolition and construction of a new, safe and modern building will begin, according to a pre-determined schedule and in collaboration with an expert contractor, using selected materials and adhering to professional and strict standards.

Handing over the key and accompaniment in the period afterwards

At the end of the process, the tenants will return to their familiar neighborhood, to a more spacious, safer home, in a new and safer building, in accordance with the addition agreed upon in the contract, and to a property of significantly higher value. The company will accompany the required processes and ensure that any required repairs or modifications are carried out in the shortest time possible and to the highest standards.


SANI, the perfect combination
of urban experience and expertise

SANI brings with it exceptional expertise in the field of urban renewal. Thanks to many years of experience in building luxury residences in New York, financial strength, and the ability to anticipate and plan ahead, the company continues to create complex projects as part of urban renewal – helping build a better future.